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Hall of Just Us Episode - 27 - Wakanda Forever

Recorded on September 3rd!  Apologies for the late release - Drew and Mike discuss the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman and the legacy of Black Panther. They also start a discussion (with spoilers) of Three Jokers.

Episode 26 -Nick Miller and the Verdukian Summer Holiday

Drew and Mike are joined once again by former co-host and friend Nick Miller.  They discuss a variety of comics, pop culture, and more than a little off-topic rambling.  The comics discussed in this issue are a few weeks old as the episode's release was delayed by Mike moving into a new house. 

Episode 25 - Predictable but Appetizing

Drew and Mike discuss Death Metal, DCEASED, Strange Adventures, and a little bit of NBA 2K20.

Episode 24 - His Dark Designs

Drew and Mike discuss the end of Tynion's first batman run and the hype leading into Joker War.  *Fair warning* it takes about ten minutes before they get into comics mostly because of Drew's newfound love of fruit leather.

Episode 23 - Back in the Habit (again)

Comics are FINALLY back in print and in stores and Drew and Mike back as well!

Episode 22 - Just a Regular Episode

Nothing special, just Drew and Mike back in the wood-paneled halls of just us.

Episode 21 - Word on the Street Vol. 01 w/ Alex & Missy

This week Mike chats on the phone with fellow comic lovers in quarantine to see what they're reading, watching, and listening to now that we're all blocked from new content.  We hope you enjoy this week's episode and if you'd like to jump on the next edition of Word on the Street then follow and say something on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Episode 20 - Batman Begins Live Commentary

Join Drew and Mike as they watch Batman Begins together and provide commentary throughout.  Queue the movie up or just listen and reminisce as they celebrate a masterpiece in the Batman cinematic universe.

Episode 19 - April 1st Special Edition with BIG Time Special Guest

You definitely want to listen to this one with an exclusive interview with EVERYONE's favorite comic writer!

Episode 18 - The International Hall of Just-Us (Feat. Multiversed Podcast)

Mike re-creates the infamous lost episode with co-host of the Toronto-based Multiversed podcast.  They discuss the Tom King Batman run in its entirety and get sidetracked into Harry Potter.  To learn more visit their site: www.multiversed.ca 

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