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Episode 19 - April 1st Special Edition with BIG Time Special Guest

You definitely want to listen to this one with an exclusive interview with EVERYONE's favorite comic writer!

Episode 18 - The International Hall of Just-Us (Feat. Multiversed Podcast)

Mike re-creates the infamous lost episode with co-host of the Toronto-based Multiversed podcast.  They discuss the Tom King Batman run in its entirety and get sidetracked into Harry Potter.  To learn more visit their site: www.multiversed.ca 

Episode 17 - Tynion’s Minions

Drew and Mike *FINALLY* get to talk about Tynion's Batman run (85-90).  They also talk about the news around the Robert Pattinson Batman film

Episode 16 - COVID Comic Catch-up

All it takes to get a new episode is a government-mandated quarantine!  Drew and Mike are back to catch up on the comic news for the week and play a little catch up in their reading.  Enjoy the episode, be smart, and stay safe!

Episode 15 - Back in the Habit

After an unnaturally long hiatus, Drew and Mike are back at it!

episode 14 - Batman Noel, a Reading

On this week's episode Drew reads a holiday classic, Batman Noel

Episode 13 - You Can Drink Wine by the Mug

Mike is joined by a long-time friend of the show, Nick Miller.  Nick sells Mike on the merits of the new X-men material and they go over, one last time, their thoughts on Batman 84 and the Tom King run.  As an added bonus, they discuss wedding videography. 

Episode 12 - Batman 84 and Wonder Woman 84

Drew and Mike are back in the studio after a couple roadtrip episodes and this time they talk about new trailers as well as the conclusion for Tom King's run on Batman.

Episode 11 - Road Trip Part 2 (Post-Galaxy Con) Featuring Greg Capullo

Once again, sorry for the in-car level audio quality but this is another fun roadtrip episode where they talk about their favorite creators and highlights from the Galaxy Con.

Episode 10 - Road Trip Part 1 (To GalaxyCon and Beyond!)

First of all, sorry for the lower sound quality!  Drew and Mike recorded on the way to Galaxy Con and discussed Batman 83, Undiscovered Country, and a handful of other comics.

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