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Episode 09 - Scotch and Comics

Drew and Mike sip scotch and catch up comic and movie news 

Episode 08 - 100 Page Giant

Drew and Mike take on the form of the 100 page giant.  Random stories slapped together into one project for cheap!

Episode 07 - The Fortnightly Comic Pull

Drew and Mike finally picked up their comic pulls (after weeks of being absent) and review what is coming out and what they're reading

Episode 06 - Cincy he went to the Expo things haven’t been the same

Drew and Mike discuss their annual visit to the Cincinnati Comic Expo and also discuss Birds of Prey and spend a little too much time waxing nostalgic about early 2000's music.

Episode 05.5 - Mini Joker Review (spoiler free)

Drew and Mike each recorded a five minute spoiler-free mini review of The Joker movie and put them together for this mini episode.

Episode 05 - Joke’s on You! (spoiler review of The Joker)

Drew and Mike share their thoughts on The Joker.  They discuss the good, the bad, the possible, and the impact on the DC/Warner Brothers partnership!

Episode 04 - ASMR and Movie Reviews

Mike eats popcorn while he and Drew discuss the best and worst movies of 2019 (don't worry eating sounds have been digitally removed).

Episode 03 - 2019 Three Quarter Recap

Drew and Mike take on a premature 2019 year-in-review!  

Episode 02 - Year Two

Drew and Mike discuss the future of the MCU and Sony as well as the Star Wars franchise.  They also look at the early reactions to The Joker movie and as always provide their reading recommendations.

Episode 01 - Origins

Drew and Mike begin their second podcast together and begin by describing how they got into comics, podcast, and bond over some of their favorite comic book origin stories!

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